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Reserve your "ME time" in our new massage room in advance.

Relax and improve your balance and well-being!

For reservations and further information, the reception will be happy to help you or use the form at the end of this page. We offer the following soothing massages:

Swedish massage                          50min.                                 CHF 140.00

After an active day, you can use this massage to release tension in the muscles, increase blood circulation and relieve pain.

Aroma oil massage                        50min.                                 CHF 140.00

This massage takes advantage of the targeted effect of aromas on the body, psyche and mind, combining wellness and natural healing.

Relaxation massage                      50min.                                 CHF 140.00

Indulge yourself with a decadent and lengthy Relaxation Massage to loosen up your muscles and reset your mind after a long Hiking day. There is no better way to end the day.

Hot Stone massage                       50min.                                 CHF 140.00

The hot stone massage uses stones at a temperature of approx. 60 degrees that are specifically placed on the affected body regions. The resulting optimized circulation of the blood leads to a better supply of oxygen to the cells and stimulates lymphatic activity.

Sport massage                               50min.                                 CHF 120.00

Prevent and treat sport injuries with a good Massage, guaranteed to enhance performance, deactivate trigger points and promote recovery.

Modelling massage                       50min.                                 CHF 140.00

This massage based on the method of Ph. Shevzov works on deeper layers of the skin, promoting an increased blood circulation and a detox effect. Combined with a thermogenic cream, it helps you get rid of liquid retention in the skin tissues and helps you with fat burning.

Deep tissue massage                    50min.                                 CHF 140.00

A Deep Tissue Massage is similar to a Swedish massage but focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. An ideal solution for releasing chronic muscle tensions.

Acupressure and                           50min.                                 CHF 140.00
trigger point massage
Enjoy a different approach for muscles recovery, pain relief and relaxation. Massage technique is focused on tender and painful spots.

Foot reflexology massage            50min.                                 CHF 140.00

The application of pressure to the feet causes a physical change in the body that leads to a restoration of health and organ function.

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