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Reserve your "ME time" in our new massage room in advance.

Relax and improve your balance and well-being!

For reservations and further information, the reception will be happy to help you or use the form at the end of this page. We offer the following soothing massages:

Classic massage  50min.                                                  CHF 140.00

A full body massage that releases tension and is soothing.

Hot Stone Massage  50min.                                             CHF 160.00

A massage with warm basalt stones. Ideal for people who like warmth. Tension and stress are released by the warm stones.

Sport - Massage  50min.                                                  CHF 150.00

This massage treats and prevents sports injuries, deactivates trigger points, increases the effectiveness of training and promotes regeneration.

Aromatherapy  50min.                                                     CHF 160.00

Is specially adapted to the person. Therapy with essential oils.

Facial treatment  60min.                                                 CHF 220.00

Facial treatment - cleansing, peeling, mask, facial massage

Deep tissue massage 50min.                                           CHF 140.00 

A Deep Tissue Massage is similar to a Swedish massage but focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. An ideal solution for releasing chronic muscle tensions.

Acupressure and trigger point massage

50min.                                                                              CHF 140.00

Enjoy a different approach for muscles recovery, pain relief and relaxation. Massage technique is focused on tender and painful spots.





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