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The most beautiful dog paths Dog walk with Bella

"Woof - Zermatt is without a doubt the dog's paradise on earth. Whether it's clear mountain lakes where I let off steam, endless hiking trails that I sniff or huge fields where I can play. I am very lucky to live here and recommend you for...

...a walk along the village stream "Vispa" in the direction of the Matterhorn. More than half of the way I am allowed to walk freely.

...the middle walk is a trip to the Sunnegga. First of all there is a beautiful mountain lake where I cool down and afterwards there are so many possibilities to run up - down - or flat.

...the big round for dogs who are really fit, "Höhbalmen". About the Edelweiss to Trift up the climb takes about 2.5 hours - but on the way there are dog bars, in which you can "stop" and spoil yourself a little.

For all other tips, the #teamPERREN can also give you detailed information - they regularly guide me around when my master can't."

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