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From the Baltic Sea to the Alps With Leevke on hiking tour

"I missed the vastness from the north and found it again on Höhbalmen at 2745m.

In the last 3 months I have done many hikes. When I think about which one was the most beautiful so far, it's hard to choose because Zermatt is so insanely versatile.

My best experience was a 5 a.m. hike up the Edelweissweg and Trift to Höhbalmen. From there I walked back to the village via Zmutt and Blatten.

The best part of this hike for me was the morning sun, the coffee and the warmth at the Hôtel du Trift, the solitude and the view, the wind and the vastness that reminded me of home, When you make it to the top of the Höhbalmen, you walk towards the Matterhorn until you reach the foot and suddenly you are all alone, so far away from the village that you only have the mountains around you. If you're lucky you see marmots and ibexes, it's very special."


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